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Hialeah Bookkeeping

Do you have a small business?  Are you keeping up with your accounting record keeping? 

Irs is sending you letter but do not what they mean Are you ready for Tax time is coming soon and need to put together your expenses and Income? 

     If you need to answer the questions you are going to need some book keeping and accounting help.

    We have the solution for you.  Corey & Associates since 1985 has assisted clients with your accounting and tax issues. They will take the time to get your books in order so you do not have to.

Not taking care of your Hialeah  Bookkeeping accounting and bookkeeping will cost you money with the IRS.

Forms and papers will cost money that you should not have to pay.

Why Hire a Bookkeeper?

You may feel that there is no reason to bring in a professional bookkeeper now that there are programs like QuickBooks and Peachtree available for use. You probably feel that you can handle the bookkeeping on your own.

But you’d be wrong.

There are so many great benefits to hiring a professional bookkeeper. You’d be surprised just how valuable they can be. So let’s take a look at some of the benefits right now…

Hialeah Bookkeeping Accounting

Accuracy Is Extremely Important

When hiring a professional bookkeeper, you all but guarantee that you will have accurate financial records. This is absolutely essential if you’d prefer avoiding problems with the IRS – and who wouldn’t!

Instead of worrying about handling the bookkeeping responsibilities on your own, and trying to rush everything as quickly as possible without caring about accuracy whatsoever, bring in a professional to take care of this aspect of your business for you.

You do not want to wake up one day, walk in to the office and be greeted at the door by an IRS auditor. That’s a living nightmare that you’d rather avoid at all costs. Trust us if you’ve never had to experience it yourself.

Do You like Saving Money?

An experienced bookkeeper in your industry will know and understand the various tax breaks and exemptions for your business. Whether you realize it or not, by having a professional take care of your books you’ll actually end up saving a lot of money in taxes over the long run. So the bookkeeper may end up actually paying for him or herself in the end.

Use Your Time More Wisely

If you are part of a growing and expanding company, it’s important that you have time available for other aspects of the business. You do not want to take time doing the manual bookkeeping labor that somebody else can do for you.

Although it is definitely an important aspect of your business, it’s not what ultimately puts money in your pocket. You need to focus on marketing and bringing new customers into the fold. Let a professional handle the bookkeeping so that you can do what you do best – and that’s bringing in new business and growing the company by leaps and bounds.

Work toward a Brighter Future

The last important item the mention is the future. Focus on growing and expanding your company. Focus on taking your business to the next level and let the professionals handle the bookkeeping so that it isn’t a nagging problem at the back of your mind.


Hialeah Bookkeeping Accounting


Hialeah Bookkeeping Accounting

Hialeah Bookkeeping Accounting

Why wait to the end of the year to see what you are going to owe the IRS. Hialeah Bookkeeping  Accounting will show what you how you are doing during the year. Now you can make adjustments to avoid paying the government.

If you have to pay sales tax, state said must be filed on time. Who going to do it for you and make sure its right. We can save you the time of hiring some to work in house.

   Accounts can be time consuming; using an accountant allows you to concentrate on the stuff that you’re good at… Running your business.    

Corey & Accounting Services used latest programs and knows what form are need for the IRS and the State.   Call them at 305-823-9228.  Our office is located just off the 826 EXPRESS WAY AT NW 122ST.  We are minutes away from anywhere in Miami, Hialeah, Miami Lakes, Hialeah, Gardens, and Miami Gardens.  Free Consultation